Continuing Education

MASA believes in education – not just for our customers. We strive to provide knowledge related to the architectural canopy industry with the hope of sharing our industry-best knowledge. Our topics – green building, canopy specification, attachment and preparation considerations – will help inform architects, contractors, engineers, and specifiers. Armed with this knowledge, design professionals will be able to make time- and money-saving decisions that will positively impact their projects.

Our Courses

Daylighting by Design

This course discusses the benefits of a thoughtfully-designed light control system and how to make it work for your project’s natural lighting and shading needs. The discussion emphasizes implementing design methods including specification of technologies such as sun shade and canopy systems that create useful and aesthetically-pleasing daylighting systems. Additionally, designing to not only minimize solar heat gain and sunlight, but to successfully repurpose it for greater environmental and aesthetic function. LEED credits associated with specifying sun shade and daylighting canopy systems are also discussed.

Integrative Process and Whole Canopy System Solution Design

Canopy systems are sometimes one of those building elements that get taken for granted or overlooked, despite the important role they play in providing coverage, shading and reduced heat gain to a building. The integration of these systems with other exterior building systems also often ends up becoming an afterthought, leaving room for potential errors and less-than-ideal scenarios. In this program we’ll discuss the importance of early consideration and integration of your canopy system in the design process while exploring the various benefits whole canopy solutions provide.

Innovative Environmental Control Through Creative Design

This course discusses the implementation of design methods, including the specification of technologies such as sun shade systems and other materials containing recycled content, as part of a holistic building design is critical to reducing energy consumption, optimizing energy performance of a building, and reducing extraction of natural resources for building materials.

Our Instructor

Steve Standridge – Director of Continuing Education & Marketing

Steve provides continuing education by presenting MASA’s courses across the country, facilitating lunch-and-learn opportunities, and conducting webinars. He is also responsible for public relations and marketing at MASA, where he runs comprehensive social media networking and campaigns. He also produces MASA’s YouTube videos. Steve’s background is in journalism and media

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