Glass Canopy System

Glass Canopy System, Glass Entry Canopy, and Custom CanopiesIs this you? You are looking for a canopy for your building, but you don’t want something ordinary. Fabric awnings and canopies just won’t do for you. You’ve looked at full metal canopies as well, and while nice, they just don’t provide the style that you want. You want the canopy to draw attention to the entrance, to the building, and you don’t want it to be the same thing that people have seen before. What is the answer?

For such a scenario as this, only one option will do: having a glass canopy system installed on the building. It allows sunlight through, but also offers protection to the building and the people under the canopy. It also provides an architectural feature to the building that enhances the look of the entire building, not just the canopy. MASA Architectural Canopies can help make this type of canopy a reality for your building.

Architectural Glass Canopies: Vision

MASA Architectural Canopies’ glass canopy system is named Vision, and it lives up to its name beautifully. Using custom glass or acrylic panels, the Vision glass canopy can conform to the dream you have in your head for a custom canopy. From simple designs with straight, flat panels over an entrance door to undulating waves along a building or walkway, the Vision canopy system can take on any shape that you can envision. The Vision canopy system can be made to match your other building elements, or it can be made to stand out using a different element, making it a focal point for your building. This truly embraces the free-form design opportunities so many are looking for.

Glass Canopy System for Commercial & Residential Buildings

Glass Canopy System in blueThe Vision glass canopy system from MASA Architectural Canopies is at home in both commercial and residential settings. The variety of designs is limitless, and they can develop a design that both captures the look and feel you want while providing the aesthetic that gets people looking, pointing, and talking. It could be a simple arched, rectangular canopy like you might find at the entrance to a hotel. Your glass canopy could be architecturally matched to your modern office building so that it looks like it has always been there. You can also have the name of your business on your canopy and have it cast a shadow of your logo on the sidewalk underneath when the sun is shining.

But it isn’t just limited to business applications. Residential buildings can also benefit from having a canopy for residents and guests. Modern steel or aluminum frames with glass panels married to an old brick building gives a quaint look of old and new. Upscale condos can sport colored glass panels that match the building colors and maintain the look of the building. No matter the situation, MASA Architectural Canopies’ Vision system can provide the look and protection you are looking for. Request a quote today, call 800-761-7446.