Louver Canopy and Roof Awnings

Typically when you think of a canopy or awning on a building, you will have an image of a full cover, either fabric or another material. These materials cover the entrance to the building, and may also cover the tops of the windows of the building. But have you ever considered doing a louvered canopy for your building? You may not have seen one before, but they can do everything that the typical canopy or awning does, but also offer some additional benefits you may not be aware of. Contact MASA Architectural Canopies today to learn more about having them install a louvered canopy on your building.

What is a Louver Canopy?

Louver CanopyBy now you are trying to picture what a louvered canopy might look like. Perhaps the best way to think of it is to take a Venetian blind, with the vertical strips, and put it over your head so the strips run horizontally. Those strips are mounted inside a box and provide shade as the sun moves overhead, shading the windows and doors of the building. While the louvers themselves are often fixed in a stationary position, there are options to have the louvers be moveable so that they can provide a maximum amount of shade throughout the day, and provide more protection from the rain by closing and having a solid roof.

Typically these louvered canopies are made from metal, often aluminum because of the lightweight of the material as well as the strength of it. Sometimes steel may be used, especially if the louvers are moveable. Whatever material the louvered canopy is made from, they can be attached to the building itself, or the canopy could also be a freestanding unit on posts.

Benefits of Louver Canopies

Louvered canopies from MASA Architectural Canopies provide a number of benefits. First, because they aren’t as common as normal canopies, louvered canopies stand out and help your building stand out from the rest. There is a beauty to these louvered canopies, and they will last for many years. Louvered canopies also provide the shade protection that you are seeking, keeping the harsh sunlight away from the windows, causing your HVAC system to work harder to cool the interior of the building. However, because louvered canopies have spaces between the louvers, it allows air movement which helps to prevent heat from being trapped under the canopy.

Another benefit of a louvered canopy from MASA Architectural Canopies is that they are easily cleaned as well. Because of their design, louvered canopies can be easily sprayed off with a power washer and they will dry quickly. They can also be cleaned with a long-handled brush when a deeper cleaning is needed.