Awesome Design! Clean lines and great attention to detail. Your Extrudeck product is impressive with its integrated water capture on all four sides unlike some cut corner products I have used in the past. Your billet hanger rod is a work of art, no flimsy plumbers’ pipe.
A Munoz, Senior designer


Just wanted to drop a note and say excellent work. I found your team energetic and eager to provide outstanding results. Simply said, flawless execution from design to installation. Tell your team GREAT JOB!!, I look forward to seeing you on our up and coming projects.
R Northdrop, RPC Construction


What we required MASA provided. Your company accepted our challenge to build out an historic hanger canopy with old world elements including an I Beam, Meat Packing District esthetic. Using only Green products and establishing LEED Credits. Thanks a bunch…. your insightful and focused approach to the build saved the customer thousands of dollars in site time labor, your use of the Industrial facia was spot on.
J Kullin, Spectrum Co.


I was actually impressed with MASA’s facility, their set-up, their people in the office – drafting, etc. and their production crew. The guy in charge of building it showed me the custom racks they built for the transport. The guy obviously knows what he is doing. They showed me different projects in production and on the boards and it became apparent that they are a significant player in the canopy market.
Thanks, Fred


I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but we used the Extrudeck canopy as a retrofit canopy for one our projects about 2 years ago.  It was actually the owner of the building who wanted to use the Extrudeck canopy.  Turned out well.  MASA certainly has a wide range of products and we look forward to using them in the future.
Michael Elkin