Designer Canopies: Canopy Architecture and Design

Building canopies are typically things that look like they are add-ons to the building. They are often fabric-covered aluminum structures attached to the building. And they do a functional job for what they are intended, but they don’t really stand out or cause the building to really be something to catch your eye. This isn’t the case when you step up with a designer canopy from MASA Architectural Canopies. While they do everything a normal canopy does for a building, they go beyond that a help the building stand out and make a statement compared to the buildings around it. Don’t settle for the ordinary canopy when you can have a custom-designed canopy from MASA Architectural Canopies.

High-Quality Designer Canopies

Extrudeck designer canopiesExtrudeck

So what kind of designer canopies are we talking about? The first style is the Extrudeck aluminum canopy that can be hung from the building wall or free standing on posts. These high-quality designer canopies make it feel like a more modern building with architectural features and can match the coloring of the doorframes and window frames.

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Ecoshade designer canopiesEcoshade

A second style is the Ecoshade designer canopy, and this is designed to shade the windows of the building to help control HVAC usage. They do not transfer heat to the building and can be used on multiple stories as well, and give a unique aesthetic to the building.

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Vision design canopyVision

Next is the Vision designer canopy. While providing protection from the elements, the Visions design canopy showcases glass inserts to allow sunlight to come through. The Visions designer canopy can be curved as well to make nearly any design idea possible.

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The Alumiframe design canopy offers nearly unlimited opportunities to customize your building and to showcase your business. Lightweight and easily attached to buildings, the Alumiframe design canopy is the perfect option to create a unique experience starting with the exterior of your building.

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Finally, the Imagination designer canopy is truly where your dreams can come alive. Creating curves, waves, and more are just the start with the Imagination designer canopy, and often our customers start with one of our other standard designs and modify it from there to create a custom canopy unique to them.

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Designer Canopies and Awnings for Businesses

Whether you have an automotive shop, a restaurant, a non-profit organization, or other type of business or organization, your building is an extension of your name and your brand. Providing protection from the elements for both the building as well as people, and offering a statement piece for the building, designer canopies from MASA Architectural Canopies has the answer to your question of how to enhance your building and business. Contact us today!