Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Frames and Canopies, Retail Awnings

Are you thinking about adding awnings to your home doors and windows to increase the curb appeal or to cut down the direct sunlight? Then you should come to MASA Architectural Canopies as we provide ultimate environmental protection through our creative and sustainable designs. Over the past 3 decades, we have emerged as a leader in aluminum canopies, frames, hanger rods as well as aluminum awnings. We can boast of being the only company to be certified in every state to provide you with a wide variety of plans and drawings, that too with a guarantee. Be it a senior living facility, a commercial building or a school, we have a team of highly-experienced and dedicated architects who will come up with innovative designs that will fulfill your requirements. For all those people who want metal awnings, Architectural Canopies have developed a number of trademarked systems that includes an in-built drainage system which will work in conjunction with your existing drainage system. 

Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Frames and Canopies, Retail Awnings

Below we have mentioned 3 properties of aluminum awnings that make them the preferred choice. Take a look. 

  • They are sturdy 

Since they are made of aluminum, these awnings can withstand the high winds, rain, snow, or excessive heat through many seasons. They hold out mostly because they are screwed into beams and braces. Aluminum awnings can last up to 50 years with bowing, warping, or stretching. 

  • They are affordable 

Amongst all the metal awnings, aluminum awnings are the most affordable. They come in both modern and traditional styles. The smaller ones in traditional shapes tend to be a more cost-effective solution for protecting your home. 

  • They are low-maintenance 

These awnings require little to no maintenance. Cleaning them is a much easier process than fabric awnings. Just a time to time spray with a hosepipe is enough to get rid of the dirt buildup from the surface. 

So, if you want to experience the benefits of aluminum awnings, you can get in touch with our experts on 800-761-7446.