Aluminum Awnings

You see them all over, yet they blend into the background more often than not. They help to provide distinction, color, and style to buildings and businesses. We’re talking about aluminum awnings and some of the best are produced by MASA Architectural Canopies. Whether you want to use one of our designs or you have your own ideas, we have the design and fabrication team members that are ready to make you aluminum awnings that will enhance your business and last a long time. Talk with the professionals at MASA Architectural Canopies to learn about all of the options for your building and needs.

Benefits to an Aluminum Awning

Aluminum Awning Outside of School You might be wondering why you would want to add aluminum awnings to your building. Do they serve any real function or are they just for decoration? The answer is both. While they can add a color dimension as well as a physical dimension to your building, they can also help to provide shade for both windows and doors. This shade helps to lower the demands on the HVAC for the building and reduce energy usage.

The aluminum awnings that you add to your building will also be low maintenance, so you won’t be investing a lot of time or money for upkeep. Our aluminum awnings can stand up to all kinds of weather, all year long, and still look as good as they did when they were first installed.

Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the country, and our aluminum awnings are no different. Not only does an aluminum awning help you to reduce your energy usage, but they are a sustainable product made from recycled materials, which itself uses less energy than producing new aluminum.

Our aluminum awnings are also visually versatile. We work with our customers to design aluminum awnings that are a variety of sizes and shapes. With such a strong yet lightweight material, the sky is the limit for the kind of awning that you would like.

Quality Aluminum Awnings from MASA Architectural Canopies

We have been making aluminum awnings for businesses all over America for many years, and we have developed countless designs that are used in all sorts of applications. It all starts with a phone call to MASA Architectural Canopies to have our experienced team start working with you and incorporating what you want into quality aluminum awnings. Contact us today to learn more.