Door Canopy and Aluminum Awnings

A door canopy to protect and accent your entrance way

If you are looking for a door canopy, then Architectural Canopies can help. They are a premier designer and manufacturer of awnings and canopies including door canopies. A door canopy can be an elegant and aesthetic addition to your home or building. Door canopies also protect doors, porches and windows and help control solar gain. They can also filter harmful UV rays that would otherwise result in peeling, fading and color loss of doors and related materials.

Aluminum door canopy can shelter your door and entrance from the elements such as sun, rain and hail. You also get canopies that have rain gutters and downspouts.  Some door canopies have baked on 2-coat enamel finish for durability and lasting performance.

Door canopies and awnings typically have the following features:

  • Built in rain gutter
  • Heavy duty mill finishing
  • Two-coat protection
  • Rust proof
  • Available in custom sizes

Design opportunities are plentiful with architectural door canopies. Lightweight aluminum door canopies have superior durability and can add an aesthetic accent to your building or home. Your door canopy or awning can also be detailed with custom lettering and graphics for storefront applications. You can also add also add recessed incandescent lighting or a fluorescent tube. You can go for bold and dramatic lines complemented with precise construction.

For example, the Extrudeck range of canopies and awnings offer the following benefits:

  • Superior durability
  • Built- in drainage system can tie into building’s drainage
  • Lightweight design with a variety of mounting options
  • Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into the building
  • Customizable profile and decking options

Whether you are looking for a door canopy, a building awning, a free-standing canopy, architectural canopies or a sunshade solution, Architectural Canopies can help. They design and build state-of-the-art canopies and awnings, including door and entrance canopies.

Door Canopy and Aluminum Awnings.