Metal Building Canopies

A basic building is pretty blah to look at, so you often see different awnings or canopies that are attached to a building over the doors and windows or across the entire wall of a building. But what are the best materials that these canopies could be made from? At MASA Architectural Canopies we believe that the answer is aluminum for several reasons. But aluminum isn’t the only material we work with for our metal building canopies. We can also incorporate glass or acrylic in the design of a metal building canopy, plus add your brand name and colors as well for a truly custom piece. Talk with our team today to learn why our aluminum metal building canopies are among the most popular choices for buildings and businesses all over the country.

Where Can Metal Building Canopies Go

Metal Building CanopiesMost people think that when it comes to where a metal building canopy should go, must be over  the entrances to a building. This provides some shelter from the elements when entering or exiting a building, and it also provides some protection for the doors and windows under the canopies, resulting in them lasting longer. But this is just the start of where these items could be placed. For some buildings, an extended canopy can run from the front door all the way out to the edge of the street to provide more protection for those customers of the business in the building.

Sometimes these metal building canopies can be freestanding and provide protection on the walkways in a parking lot. This allows for lighting to easily be mounted underneath the canopy to provide light at night and make the parking lot safer. It also helps with keeping up on the removal of snow and other debris on these walkways.

From Simple to Modern Design

Metal building canopies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes depending on what the needs of the client are. Aluminum is an easy metal to work with, yet it provides very good strength-to-weight ratio, plus it doesn’t rust which would degrade the structural strength of the canopy. We can make very basic straight sloped metal building canopies that resemble steel roofing all the way to curving and flowing designs that are almost whimsical in nature.

Whatever you invest in for your building or business, you want to have it last you for many years, and our metal building canopies will do just that. MASA Architectural Canopies are low maintenance structures that provide the protection and design that you desire. We have worked with hundreds of companies all over the country that have a variety of different weather conditions, and we can design a great canopy for yours as well. Contact us today to begin your metal building canopy adventure.

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