All That You Need to Know About Canopies

Today the demand for canopies is on the rise and when it comes to canopies or store awnings, Architectural Canopies offers several unique and efficient options.  Architectural Canopies has created a niche, owing to its excellent quality, finest architectural finish and vast color palette. They are highly flexible and suitable for various commercial functions.  If you need these canopies call us at Architectural Canopies.

Canopy Specialties:

  • Reduce demand on air conditioning systems
  • Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into the building, providing greater daylight control while using lower cost glazing
  • Minimum maintenance
  • LEED support
  • A modern accent as part of a corporate aesthetic
  • Superior durability
  • In many models, built- in drainage systems can tie into building’s drainage
  • Lightweight design with a variety of mounting options
  • Customizable profile and decking options

A canopy can help to augment the appearance of the building as well as protect from rain or sun.   At Architectural Canopies, we offer an assorted range of canopies including bespoke designs and multiple color options to help you make a canopy to best suit your setting and building.  To know more call us today.