Custom Canopies, Store Canopies, Metal Building Canopies and Canopies

MASA Architectural Canopies specializes in custom canopies and awnings and their shade and projection systems can make a substantial difference to your building and property. It does not matter whether you have an office block, a corporate headquarters, an hotel, a school, parking lot, a multi-housing complex or a hospital, they have the right custom canopy solution for you. MASA is the resource you are looking for if you want awnings for your store or custom canopies for your corporate headquarters.

It does not matter whether you call the canopies or awnings, they provide shade, protection from the elements, solar control and visual accents. You can also get the design and style you want with custom canopies. You can use custom canopies for cover over entry ways, sidewalks, seating areas and more. They can be used to protect vehicles in a parking lot or to provide shade in outdoor spaces.

Walkway covers are one of the most common applications for custom canopies or awnings. Another popular application for custom canopies is awnings for stores. With custom canopies there are many possibilities in terms of style and aesthetics. MASA offers a full palette of styles and several possible awning systems including their popular aluminum metal awnings and their innovative vision and imagination lines.

With custom canopies they can provide you with free-form design possibilities. Your custom canopies will not only provide the required functionality but can also be a focal point that will help brand your building or facility.
Whether you are looking for custom canopies for your school, aluminum awnings for your storefront, walkway covers for your hotel or carports for your vehicles, MASA Architectural Canopies can help you with right eco-shade and projections systems and products.