Custom Commercial Awnings

Most buildings that are put up today are pretty uniform in how they look. The idea is that they just need the space in order to grow the business, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to have some distinctive features on the building. When you opt for custom commercial awnings for your building from MASA Architectural Canopies you will be getting some of the best custom commercial awnings available anywhere in the country. Contact our team today to get the process started to get your custom commercial awnings.

Benefits of a Metal Awning

Crate and Barrel Custom Commercial AwningsWhat sets us apart from many other awning companies is the fact that our commercial awnings and other structures are made from metal, which can withstand the weather much better than simple fabric awnings can. Additionally, many of the structures that we make are done so from aluminum. This makes our custom commercial awnings lighter than other systems, plus they are rust-free and this reduces maintenance costs considerably.

Because we have a design team that has years of experience working with metal, we can make virtually any size and shape that clients desire. In some cases, nothing special is needed except for a long-lasting structure; in other cases, they want to have a unique design that sets them apart from the competitors. Our team is ready for any project, hosting a full creative staff in-house, including engineering, architects, & designers.

Variety in Metal Canopies

We offer a wide range in the variety of awnings and canopies that we manufacture. If you are concerned with providing shade to your windows without covering them, our Ecoshade option would be perfect. This awning protrudes from the building straight out but provides louvers that can be adjusted to provide maximum shade for windows. For truly custom canopies we offer our Imagination option where you can turn your dreams into reality for your building. When you want a modern look, many opt for the Vision series of canopies and awnings. This series features either laminated glass or polycarbonate panels that allow for natural light to come through while protecting from the rain and snow. There are other options as well, and our focus is to provide service that exceeds expectations from the beginning to the end of a project and beyond. When you are looking for truly custom commercial awnings, look no further than MASA Architectural Canopies.