Outdoor Awnings from Architectural Canopies

Architectural outdoor awnings are more in demand than ever. Architectural Canopies can help you with outdoor awnings for your building, store, shop, hotel, office block, apartment block or commercial building. Their architectural outdoor awnings are available in several styles including eco-shade, extrudeck, alumiframe, imagination, and vision.


Ecoshade outdoor awnings are framed systems that can be customised to suit various architectural designs. MASA echoshades also add LEED credit to your building skin. They are available in standard or premium finishes. Some key features and benefits of high-performance ecoshade awnings include


  • Improved temperature control and reduced demand on HVAC systems
  • Greater light control
  • Lower cost glazing
  • LEED support
  • Modern accents give them a racy look for improved building aesthetics


Extrudeck outdoor awnings sport bold lines and precise construction. These awnings can be manufactured with custom profiles and decking options and can complement any modern architectural design.  Key features and benefits include


  • Compliant with all building codes
  • Superior durability
  • Built- in drainage system can tie into building’s drainage
  • Lightweight design with a variety of mounting options
  • Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into the building
  • Customizable profile and decking options
  • Temperature control and energy savings
  • Daylight control


If you want a truly custom outdoor awning configuration, then you should consider the Vision series of awnings. These free-form canopies can include your choice of glass, acrylic panels or perforated metal. These outdoor awnings allow you to showcase your brand. Key features and benefits include


  • Free-form design possibilities
  • Wide selection of glass finishes and metal patterns
  • Custom designed to exacting specifications
  • Create an eye-catching focal point
  • Benefits of daylight control, energy savings


There are many options and choices when it comes to architectural outdoor awnings for your building or construction project. Let Architectural Canopies help you make the right ones

Outdoor Awnings from Architectural Canopies are beautiful, durable, and affordable. Contact us today for more details!