Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Canopies, Custom Canopies and Store Awnings

Are you looking for a way to reduce direct sunlight to the outward structure of your house or commercial space? Or maybe just add a ‘curb’ appeal to it but in an affordable manner? Then, you should definitely look into aluminum awnings which offer dual benefits. Firstly, they provide adequate shade and secondly they also help your windows and window panes from gathering rain water and debris. At Architectural Canopies, we can help with this. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have numerous trademark styles for builders and homeowners that need awnings; so you have the option of choosing from Vision®, Extrudek, and much more according to your preferences in styles, materials, and characteristics like durability. Throughout the process, we will offer you experts who will not just understand your concept but help you materialize it by giving you appropriate options.

Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Canopies, Custom Canopies and Store Awnings Here are two primary benefits of choosing aluminum awnings for your building:

  1. Durable and Strong:

Awnings can be made of other materials as well, but once you choose an aluminum one, you can be sure that their durability will pay off for a long time. They are able to endure harsh environments, especially in areas that are prone to extremely windy weather, frequent rains, snow or even huge amount of heat. While withstanding these elements, these awnings will not warp or stretch and with daily maintenance, can last for 50 years or even more.

  1. Energy and Cost-efficient:

Aluminum awnings, apart from other things also work hard to reduce energy consumption by absorbing the heat and sunlight directly from the sun and thereby keeping the inside of the home much cooler in comparison. In fact, they can be up to 20% cooler than other interiors. This means that your air conditioner can also catch a break from the constant use and thus cut down on your energy costs.

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