Aluminum Awnings and Door Canopy

Aluminum awnings for your sunshade and solar gain applications

If you are looking for state-of-art high-quality aluminum awnings then you need to look no further than Architectural Canopies. Their design-build-install approach sets them apart from most competitors and cookie-cutter fabricators. They will work with you and transform your requirements into aluminum awnings and sun-shade systems that are beautiful and functional at the same time. They also manufacture and install their own canopy products. This enables them to bring new meaning to the term value engineering.  They provide a single source solution with your sunshade systems such as aluminum awnings and architectural canopies.

Aluminum awnings are passive sun control products and can help manage the impact of solar heat on your building. Not only to aluminum awnings help manage solar gain, they also complement a building in terms aesthetics. Aluminum awnings applications include window shade, storefront window protection, wall accents, ADA access and LEED credits. They also come with options such as extruded components, hanger rod design, cantilever designs, variable spacing, color palette and custom louvre options. Aluminum awnings and canopies can be used for walkways, wall suspensions, sunshades, trellises, pavilions, entrance ways, carports and custom requirements.

Architectural Canopies is a recommended and premier manufacturer of aluminum awnings, commercial canopies, and sunshades.  Their product lines include Eco Shade, Alumiframe, Extrudeck, Vision, and Imagination.

These products provide the following benefits:

  • Energy savings through reduced demand on HVAC systems
  • Greater daylight control while using lower cost glazing
  • Low maintenance
  • LEED support
  • A modern accent as part of a corporate aesthetic

You also have frame options, support options, finishing options and so on. You are not limited to standard or traditional designs. You can outside the box with Vision and Imagination.

Architectural Canopies is a premier designer and manufacturers of architectural canopies and aluminum awnings.

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