Aluminum Awnings, Commercial Aluminum Awnings, and Aluminum Frame Awnings

MASA Architectural Canopies is your source for fine aluminum awnings in the US. The sell and install a comprehensive range of awning and canopies. That means they have the right aluminum awnings for your building. Architectural aluminum awnings offer several benefits.

Architectural accents and value

Awnings that look smart add value to your property. They have architectural interest and they can give your building a face lift. You have several design and style options to select from. These include Ecoshade, Extrudeck, Alumiframe, Imagination and Vision series.

Aluminum awnings are available as outrigger systems, framed systems or even free form systems. The Ecoshade awnings feature bold line and meticulous construction that sets it apart from most other canopy systems. The Ecoshade range is also available as a mechanical actuated sun shade canopy.

You can select from custom profiles and decking designs to match your current architecture and theme. If you want to be unconventional and innovative then you might want to consider the Imagination series of aluminum awnings. This is a basically a freeform structure which means you can decide whatever shape and form you want.

Your smart aluminum awnings will certainly improve the overall curb appeal of your property and could even be a point of reference.

Energy savings and LEED accreditations

A MASA canopy or awning will help keep your building cooler and automatically reduce the demand on air conditioning systems. That means you save on utility bills and you can also add LEED credits to your building profile. Aluminum awnings not only look good, they also provide shade and shelter. They offer effective daylight control

Several applications

There are many applications for aluminum awnings and canopies such as over drive ways, entrances, store fronts, walkways, transit stations, waiting areas and more.