Aluminum Awnings, Outdoor Awnings, Store Awnings and Retail Awnings

Aluminum Awnings can improve the appearance and functionality of your building. Awnings provide shade, provide cover from rain, help with solar control, and can add an architectural accent to any building. MASA Architectural Canopies specialise in echo shade systems in form of canopies and awnings. There aluminum awnings can make a big difference to your building. They offer a range of shade projection systems and products including:
• Echoshade Sunshade System
• Extrudeck Canopy System
• Alumifarme Awning System
• Imagination series of custom shade systems
• Vision Serie of Custom Canopies

There aluminum awnings are well presented in their Alumiframe Awning Systems. These aluminum awnings are known for their durability, weather resistance and provide many design options and possibilities. Because they are lightweight they can span long distances and require minimal support. They can be used in retail, general commercial as well as industrial settings. They can be attached to a building or supported with posts.
Some key features of the aluminum awnings include:
• Durability – superior to fabric
• Lightweight design and construction
• Easy to attach
• Requires minimal support
• Low maintenance
• Provides a modern accent with emphasis on corporate aesthetics
• Can be detailed with custom letting and graphics

Aluminum awnings are available in different frame shapes. These shapes include slanted patio style, waterfall, half barrel, full gable, arched and more. They can also be attached to a building, supported by poles and be fitted with lights. Lighting can be in the form recessed Incandescent lighting or fluorescent tubes.
• Aluminum awnings provide several benefits such
• Shade cover
• Rain cover
• Visual accents
• Thermal control
• Lighting
• Architectural interest
• Outdoor advertising opportunities
• Business land marking and branding

If you want high end architectural aluminum awnings, then MSA can help. They specialize in architectural awnings and canopies that will add functionality and value to your building.