Aluminum canopies & canopies for stores

Architectural canopies for stores

There are many different types of canopies for stores and architectural canopies is one of them. Architectural Canopies designs and manufactures a range of canopies for stores and buildings. They are master designers, manufacturers, and installers and they work on the cutting edge of architectural canopies, including canopies for stores. When you need outdoor shade structures you have many options. Canopies are great for buildings and stores.

Canopies for stores can be smart looking as well as functional. There are several types of architectural canopies that are suitable for stores. These include:

  • Ecoshade
  • Extrudeck
  • Alumifarme
  • Custom canopies

All the above designs are engineered and installed to the highest standards and meet all IBC and local building code requirements,

Ecoshade is available in 2 main configurations namely plate outrigger or framed.  This provides wider options for different architectural styles.  You can select from standard design options and you can also customise an option to match your preferences. Echoshade canopies for stores come with different fame and support options and you can select from standard or premium finishes.

Echoshade canopies for stores and buildings reduce demand on AC systems and offer improved daylight control. Echoshade canopies offer LEED support and also adds aesthetic value your building or store.

Other options for architectural canopies for stores include extrudeck, custom canopies, and alumifarme series. Extrudeck features prominent lines that set them apart from other awing products. Alumiframe canopies are strong, lightweight and weather resistant. Due to their lightweight that can span long distances with minimal support. They can also be detailed with custom graphics for storefront use.

When it comes to storefront canopies you can think outside the box with shapes that defy convention.  If you want unique and innovative storefront canopies then custom canopies are the way to go.