Aluminum Frames and Canopies

Businesses all over the country know the importance and utility of having high quality, functional canopies on their buildings. Over the years, the materials that have been used have changed, from fabrics over a frame to steel awnings to today’s choice of aluminum being used as aluminum frames and canopies. This lightweight material is the ideal choice to use on your building because of the ease of installation due to the lighter weight as well as the variety of shapes and designs that can be produced. MASA Architectural Canopies is the leading resource for outdoor awnings in the entire United States, and they are ready to help you add character and distinction to your building, no matter what business you have.

Benefits of Aluminum Frames and Canopies

Front of Crate & Barrel Aluminum Frames and CanopiesWhen you use one of MASA Architectural Canopies aluminum frames for your awning or canopy, you will not have to worry about the frame rusting or deteriorating because of the material it is made from. Earlier awning and canopy supports and frames were made from steel, and this can corrode and rust over time, weakening the structure. Aluminum doesn’t have this issue, so it retains the ability to carry the load it was designed for over the full life of the structure. Aluminum is also a lighter material than steel, but it has the capacity to hold significant weight, which is good for areas of the country that experience snow and ice.

What Options Are There with Aluminum Frames and Canopies

There are different applications where aluminum is the best choice. For example, MASA Architectural Canopies has a special Ecoshade series product that is designed to be mounted above windows on buildings and provide shade for those windows. This in turn provides a reduced demand on the HVAC system for the building, resulting in lowered energy costs. These are passive products made from aluminum that can also be colored to match or complement the building color. They also still allow sunlight to come through so that it doesn’t completely block out the valuable natural light.

They also offer their Extrudeck series which are extruded aluminum canopies that feature a built-in water diversion and drainage system. These offer several different ways to mount them on a building as well, making them a popular choice for a wide range of building styles. No matter the needs that you have, MASA Architectural Canopies will have a solution for you. Give them a call today to learn more about their aluminum frames and canopies.