There is no shortage of ideas and design possibilities when it comes to architectural canopies and awnings. Architectural Canopies can help you with the innovative and amazing canopies for your entrances, walkways, driveways, transit areas, waiting areas and other suitable outdoor areas.
Whether you prefer something conventional or something more unorthodox, Architectural Canopies has the right solution for you. They design, manufacture and install a wide range of canopies and awnings. They have several products ranges including Extrudeck, Ecoshade, Alumiframe as well and Imagination and Vision series.

Maybe you are looking for a specific type of outrigger or framed system with LEED building credits. Then you could consider the Ecoshade range of canopies and awnings. The Ecoshade range of canopies offers clear features and benefits such as improved daylight control, energy efficiency, reduced HVAC demand, low maintenance, LEED support, pleasing aesthetics, modern accents, frame options, support options and a choice of finishes.

You also have custom and freeform options. Whatever you can dream in term of canopy design, Architectural Canopies can turn into reality. They can design and install canopies and awnings that defy convention and go beyond standard shapes.

Whether you want curving surfaces, freeform design options, greater daylight control, premium glass finish or metal patterns, Architectural Canopies has the right product and solution for you. Now you can have that special canopy that will be an ever-present focal point of your building or property.

Whether you go the conventional route or the unconventional one, you will still have the same features and benefits associated with MASA canopies and awnings. These include durability, spectacular designs, awesome aesthetics, weather proofing, low maintenance, energy efficiency, LEED credits, fashionable design, modern accents and more.

So enhance the appearance and functionality of your entrance ways, walkways, transit areas and other outdoor spaces with spectacular standard or custom canopies and awnings from MASA.