Custom Canopies

When looking at adding a canopy to your building, or even between buildings, you likely have an idea in mind of one of the usual suspects for your canopy. But have you ever considered a custom canopy for your building? Maybe your building looks like a box, but that doesn’t mean your canopy has to. In fact, having a canopy that flows and has curves can really make a statement with your more square building, giving a unique contrast with more than just colors. Whatever you can imagine, MASA Architectural Canopies has the solution.

What Can a Custom Canopy Be?

Custom Canopy Over Commercial Storefront WindowMASA Architectural Canopies designs can be based on completely custom ideas or a rethought version of one of our standard products. Many are custom, welded aluminum structures that defy convention. Because they have done so many different canopies, they can quickly and easily modify what they currently have and utilize their past creations as inspiration for your own custom canopy.

When you are speaking with the team, one of the aspects that you will need to decide upon is what materials you will have for the decking of your canopy. It isn’t just the colors that matter, but the layout of those materials as well. The size of your canopy will also matter as well. If this is running between buildings, you may only need it slightly wider than the sidewalk or path. You may also want it to blend into a patio covering on the property.

A canopy is one of the first things people see as they approach your building. Not only do these make an impression, but metal canopies also serve several purposes and deliver benefits. They are designed to be able to withstand strong winds, beating rain and sun, as well as a snow load in northern climates, or from hail. A metal canopy can also be colored to match your building or business, helping to make it an eye-catching addition to your building.

Variety in Metal Canopies

From straight and square canopies that provide a way to break up a large building facade to undulating waves of metal that flow around a building, the only limitation to your custom canopy is your imagination. When you are ready to make your building stand out from the rest, contact MASA Architectural Canopies to learn what options you have.