Custom Canopies, Architectural Canopies and Building Canopies

MASA Architectural Canopies can help you with custom canopies. They are experts in field shading solutions and canopy projections. They design, manufacture and install canopies and awnings and related shading solutions. They have their own in-house designers, architects and engineers and they can help you with innovative and cutting-edge canopies and awnings.

Whatever design and style you have in mind, the team at MASA can help. Custom canopies such as vision and imaginations series, are based on innovative ideas that defy convention. With custom canopies you have free from design, which means you can go beyond standard shapes. If you want to have a shading solution that is impressive and functional, then you need to think custom canopies.

Maybe you want a unique entry way for your hotel, or a transit waiting area, or a canopy solution for your walkway. Whatever your idea, MASA can help bring it to life. They partner with you and your team to create innovative and unique shading solutions. Your entry way or walkway can be transformed in a focal point with architectural interests and accent. Your custom canopy can be more than just a shading solution, it can be a landmark in your area. Custom canopies can be used for entry ways, walkways, waiting areas, wall shading and more.

With custom canopies you also have a choice of glass or acrylic panels or perforated metals. These can be assembled if various combinations which means you have an endless selection of glass finishes and metal patterns.

Custom canopies can help showcase your brand and your style. Whether you are an hotel, a car dealership, a retail outlet, an office block, a service provider or a production company, you can benefit from shading solutions and custom canopies.