Custom Canopies

Do you want to make the outdoor of your business house look stunning so that it can stand out amongst the other corporate houses in your city? If yes, then please consider installing a stylish canopy. Now, you might wonder, why install a canopy, when there are numerous other décor elements available in the market, right? Well, it’s because a canopy will not just enhance the appeal of your office building, but also offer shelter from the sudden rains and the scorching sunlight. So, it’s definitely a useful element, and you must purchase it. If you want to choose a company that can create custom canopies for your office, then look no further and come to us, MASA Architectural Canopies.

 Why MASA Architectural Canopies?

If you are thinking that people choose MASA Architectural Canopies only because it has a team of talented professionals to create customized canopies, then that’s your misconception. Here is a list of few other qualities that we possess. Want to know about those qualities? Then, read on.

  • We provide a warranty on the canopy installation, which most of the other companies don’t.
  • We install quality and affordable canopies, which require minimum maintenance and is durable.
  • We can provide you with design options as well, if you don’t have any canopy design in mind.
  • We also provide AIA continuing education course for the aspiring canopy designers.

If you want to know more about us, you can always go through our website thoroughly.

Types of Products We Sell

There’s another reason why most people come to us; and that is because of our wide variety of products. We have a wide array of canopies in our stock, which will make you spoilt for choices. Here’s a list of products that we have in stock:

  • Ecoshade
  • Extrudeck
  • Alumiframe and much more.

Now, after knowing about our qualities and products, do you want to choose us? If yes, then immediately ring us at 800-761-7446.

Custom Canopies, and other Door Canopies and Canopies for Stores, including Metal Canopies, Roll Formed Aluminum Canopies, Extruded and Fabricated Canopies.