Don’t Install Awnings If…

There are a million and one reasons why we believe that all commercial buildings and businesses should have an awning installed. However, we do realize that there are a select few business owners that do not want to have awnings installed.

Awnings, Aluminum Awnings, Architectural Awnings, and Metal AwningsIf you’re still on the fence about awnings for your building/business, then check out these compelling reasons to NOT having an awning installed…

  • Do NOT install awnings on your building if you hate saving energy.

Awnings can save you money by cutting down on energy costs. If you like paying high energy bills then you should not have an awning installed.

  • Do NOT install awnings on your building if you do not want protection from harmful UV rays.

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can leave you vulnerable to a range of health risks including blindness and cancer. If you like living on the edge, don’t install awnings.

  • Do NOT install awnings on your building if you like getting caught in the rain.

Most people like eating their lunch without getting sopping wet–but if you’re a part of the select few who enjoy that sort of thing, then don’t have an awning installed.

  • Do NOT install awnings on your building if you enjoy looking at simple and unattractive buildings.

Awnings add personality and style to drab and boring buildings. If you find charm in predictable designs, by all means, do not have awnings installed.

At MASA Architectural Canopies we are proud to provide a national audience with custom awning designs and styles that add function and style to commercial buildings. By handling the various aspects of awning design and installation in-house, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction with our awning designs.

Whether you’re choosing from our impressive selection of awning styles or working with designers to create custom awning designs, we’re here to gauge your wants, needs, and desires, making your awning dreams a reality! Contact us today to get a quote and chat with an expert about awnings for your business or building!

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