Door Canopy

They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. From stately concrete or brick columns supporting a roof that is attached to the building to a cantilevered metal overhang that provides a modern and sleek look to a building. Door canopies can be as unique as you, your building, or your business, and our design team at MASA Architectural Canopies is here to make your door canopy stand out from the rest. We offer a number of pre-designed and engineered door canopy options that work with a wide range of building materials. Call us today to learn more about the stylish options available for your door canopy.

Why Have a Door Canopy Installed

Door CanopyAdding a door canopy to your building will provide you with several benefits for you and those using your building. First, a door canopy will provide shelter from the elements for your door and entrance area. This means that you will need to perform less maintenance on these areas because they don’t take the brunt of the weather, from rain to snow to hail and even high winds. We can help to make you a door canopy that provides a good amount of shelter to ensure that your doors will be protected and last as long as possible.

While having a door canopy could be considered just a functional item, why not make it more of a statement piece? With our pre-engineered door canopy options, you can utilize glass, metal, or even acrylic panels to provide a modern and elegant look. Our door canopies are designed to deal with the weather as well, having drainage solutions built into the designs so that water is directed away from the area.

Other Locations for Door Canopies

While it is true that for most people, having a door canopy at their main entrance isn’t the only place where you may want to have a door canopy. Often your building will have side entrances as well as the main entrance, and while they don’t have to be as impressive as your main entrance, you would still like to provide a door canopy for these side entrances as well for many of the same reasons. If you have a warehouse or other building with very large entrances such as garage doors, you may want to have a very long door canopy that spans several openings and provides some of that shelter from the elements for those working and using these larger openings.

From classic building materials to incorporating your building and business style, MASA Architectural Canopies can help create door canopies that will make you stand out. Call us today to learn more and get our team working for you.