Metal Awnings, Custom Metal Awnings, and Metal Framed Awnings

Metal awnings don’t have to be unattractive or even ordinary. In fact, metal awnings from MASA architectural canopies are the exact opposite. They are attractive, eye-catching and often a point of reference. If you want to give your shop, store front, hotel or retail space a face-lift, then you should consider metal awnings from Architectural Canopies. Metal awning not only add architectural value to your building, they provide shade and shelter. They help with energy savings by reducing the demand on HVAC systems. They enable greater daylight control, require minimum maintenance and offer LED support.

MASA Architectural Canopies is a leading manufacturer and installer of awnings and canopies across the US. Their metal awnings provide architectural accents that improve your corporate image while at the same time delivering benefits mentioned above. You can select from a range of canopies and awnings such as Ecoshade, Extrudeck, Alumiframe, Vision and Imagination series. This means you have may stylistic options to select from.

A popular option from metal awnings is the custom canopy system. This range offers free-form design possibilities and you can choose between metal, acrylic, and glass. You also have options when it comes to support, finishing and decking.

For example, your canopy can be hanger supported, post supported or have connection supports. You can choose between standard finished such as clear anodized or polyester resin-based powder coat finishes. Metallic options are also possible.

Architectural metal awnings and canopies can benefit just about any type of building, be it an old building, modern building, an office block, a school, a college, an hotel or retail store. The team at MASA will design your awnings and canopies to fit your existing architecture and theme.

If you want metal awnings anywhere in the US, then you need look no further than MASA architectural canopies.