Metal Awnings, Metal Building Canopies and Metal Canopies

MASA is your source for extraordinary and innovative metal awnings and canopies. They create, design, build and install shading solutions that defy convention. You can select from the standard range of metal awnings or you can go for custom shading solutions.

One of their signature products is their Alumiframe range of metal awnings. This welded aluminum frame awning offers plenty of design options. MASA Alumiframe metal awnings are durable, weather resistant and cost effective. These lightweight metal awnings can span long distances with minimum support. These awnings can also be details with custom lettering, making the ideal for storefront use.

Metal awning offer several benefits. These include:
• Shading, cover and shelter
• Reduced demand on HVAC systems
• Energy savings
• Lightweight design and construction
• Low maintenance
• Custom design options
• Architectural accents and interest
• Durability and strength

Metal awnings can be use for walkways, over entry ways, over wall windows and more. They can be attached to a building or freestanding and supported by posts. They provide shelter from the elements and shade from the sun. Apart from obvious benefits metal awning can also be pleasing to the eye. They can create a focal point that has architectural interest and accent and that is good for corporate aesthetics and branding.

You have many choices when it comes to MASA metal awnings and architectural canopies. They have standard designs such as Ecosahde, Extrudeck and Alumiframe. They also offer custom options such as their Imagination and Vision series.
You also have lighting options such as recessed incandescent lighting or fluorescent tube lighting. You can have standard finishes or premium finishes.

When it comes to MASA metal awnings you can be conventional or unconventional, the choice is yours. Either way you get shading solutions that stand apart from the pack.