Metal Awnings, Modern Metal Awnings and Aluminum Awnings

Architectural Canopies specializes in the design and production of high quality metal awnings. They create innovative sun shade solutions that go be beyond the ordinary. Their team of architects, engineers and installers know you to design, build and install innovative shading products including aluminum metal awning and canopies. They can help you with large projects, small projects and in between projects. They tackle every project with enthusiasm and consider each one a unique build.

Architectural Canopies has a range of metal awnings that can suit any building that requires high-performance passive shading. For example their Ecoshade range of awnings is available as an outrigger or framed system and can be used in varies architectural settings. With Ecoshade you get effective shade and sun control as well as LEED building credits.

Another example of innovative shading and sun control solutions is their Vision series of custom canopy systems. These canopies offer a choice of glass, acrylic panel or perforated metals in various combinations. This system will also help with architectural accent and branding.

High quality and innovative metal awning provide clear benefits including free-from design, clean lines, integrated water capture, custom design, choice of finishes, architectural accents, focal points, branding sun-shade solutions, LEED credits, building aesthetics, energy savings and more.

High quality metal awnings and canopies should have a great design, clean lines, attention to detail and can be considered works of art. Well that will be the case when you order metal awnings from Architectural Canopies. They take sun control and shade solutions to the next level with innovative designs, advanced engineering and professional installs.

If you need sun control and shade solutions you need look no further than MASA Architectural Canopies. You can be confident of flawless design and execution from start to finish.