Modern Building Canopy Design and Modern Canopy Design

Thinking of getting a canopy but can’t decide which type to purchase? These days, canopies serve multiple purposes. They are no longer just meant to be used for shade but also add to the beautification of the building. So, if you are looking for a modern building canopy design, your search stops at MASA Architectural Canopies. We can take pride in our fantastic team of highly creative, passionate professionals which includes architects, engineers and visionary designers. They are always at your service throughout the country whether through partnerships or through our very own facilities. Once you see our work, you will understand how we are able to sustain in this business for 20 years and emerged as a premier resource for custom canopies of all kinds.

Modern Building Canopy Design and Modern Canopy Design

Here, we have the various types of canopies we offer. Take a look.

  • Hanger Rod Canopies

A regular hanger rod canopy is a suspended canopy supported by post and hanger along with bold lines and custom profiles, which also adds to the aesthetic value of the building. These wall mounted canopies are decked with .078 inch thick aluminum interlocking pans which when viewed from beneath appears flush. These types are ideal for entryways of retail stores, shopping centers, offices, and residential complexes

  • Louver Canopy

These consist of a series of parallel louvers made of aluminum structures that are light yet sturdy. These louvers are designed in such a way that they create a free flowing effect thus, very intelligently intermingling the sunlight with shades and giving you the option of either basking in the sun or enjoy the shade. Another big advantage of this kind of canopy is that during rainfall the water neatly flows away without wetting your patio, thus keeping you dry.

  • Walkway Canopy

In addition to the above canopies, we are also known for making walkway canopies for various places be it school, hospitals, government buildings or corporate campuses.

So, if you are interested in making a purchase or have any query about the type of canopy or their size, you can reach us at 800-761-7446.