Outdoor Awnings, Awnings for Storefronts and Store Canopies

Architectural Canopies is a recommended source for high quality outdoor awnings. They specialise in designing and creating innovative sun shade solutions and products in the form of outdoor awnings and canopies. The have a comprehensive range of outdoor awnings and canopies including Extrudeck, Ecoshade, Vision and Imagination. They specialise in the production and installation of aluminum awnings, custom awnings, hanger rod canopies and custom door canopies.

With Extrudeck you clean and bold lines that will complement your existing architecture and improve your projects aesthetics. You can have customs profiles and decking designs as well as standard or premium finishes. If you want to go beyond standard shapes, then their Imagination series offers free form and custom design and structures that defy convention.

Whatever range of outdoor awni9ngs you decide on you can be sure of important features such as

• Superior durability
• Integrated water catchment and drainage system
• Lightweight design with a variety of mounting options
• Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into the building
• Customizable profile and decking options

High quality outdoor awnings offer specific features and benefits including shading, sun control, energy savings, beautiful aesthetics, architectural master pieces, focal points, accents, branding and LEED credits.

Architectural outdoor awnings can be used to create unique entry ways, at transit stations, at waiting areas, as covers over walkways, along building walls and more. Wherever you need shade ad sun control, you can have architectural awnings, Outdoor awning are used by all types of businesses and organizations including schools, hotels, apartments, commercial office blocks, shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurant, diners and more.

All outdoor awnings and products from MASA Architectural Canopies comply with applicable building codes and local regulations. If you want exceptional outdoor awning that are both beautiful and functional, you need look no further than MASA Architectural Canopies.