Store Canopy, Store Awnings, Door Canopy and Custom Canopies

If you are looking for a store canopy system, then MASA Architectural Canopies can help. The design, build and install custom canopy systems that are innovative, lightweight and beautiful. You can give your store a face lift with a custom store canopy system. A store canopy system with architectural impact is a great way of welcoming visitors to your store. In addition they provide, shade control, controlled light as well as energy savings. When it comes to store canopies, you want the look and the functionality. A MASA store canopy system offers both.

Store Canopy, Store Awnings, Door Canopy, Custom Canopies MASA offers several options when it comes to store canopy systems. There Extrudeck range of canopies is a popular choice. These canopies have distinct lines, offer long-life, are lightweight and have built-in drainage systems. The design can be standard or custom. Other popular canopy systems include Ecoshade, Vision, Imagination and Alumiframe.

Some key features of MASA architectural canopies include

  • Beautiful design
  • Precise construction
  • Superior durability and longevity
  • Built- in drainage system can tie into building’s drainage
  • Lightweight design with a variety of installation and mounting options
  • Opportunity to bring controlled daylight into the building
  • Customizable profile and decking options
  • Standard or superior finishes
  • Advanced sun control and energy savings

Whether you have a coffee shop, a restaurant, a clothes shop, a general store, a tavern or a furniture shop, you will benefit from a custom store canopy system. They are inviting, they look good and they offer shade and protection from the elements. There is also no shortage of design ideas and the team at MASA can design canopy systems that complement your existing structures and architecture.

If you want a store canopy system that has the look and the functionality, you need look no further than MASA architectural canopies.