Walkway Covers

You usually see them at hospitals, universities, and other larger buildings, as well as positioned between buildings. Walkway covers come in a variety of configurations, but they all provide the same protection from the weather. Sometimes it is convenient for drop off and pick up points, while other times they are used around public transportation stops. At MASA Architectural Canopies, we have put up hundreds of different walkway covers all over the country and they provide a number of benefits, some of which may not be your first thought when looking to put up a walkway cover. Contact us today to discuss where you want to install a walkway cover and what ideas you have.

Why Include Walkway Covers

Two Girls at School Walking Underneath an Aluminum Walkway CoverAdding a covered walkway provides protection from the weather throughout the entire year. It provides shade during the daylight and bright sun and intense heat of the summer, shelter against the rain and snow, and can be lit up at night to provide safety and security every day of the year. And when you choose our aluminum walkway covers, you get a system that won’t rust and lose structural integrity. They are also easily cleaned and feature low maintenance requirements.

What many organizations don’t think about at first with their walkway covers is that they can double as the perfect place to install your first solar installation, or to expand the solar setup that you already have. These solar panels can help to provide the electricity for the lighting that you install for use at night, and they can also generate electricity for other uses as well.

Lower Maintenance Costs for Buildings

A side benefit that building owners experience when they add cover walkways to their entrances, and even alongside buildings, is that the walkway covers take the brunt of the weather issues and protect door frames and other more sensitive areas of a building. This results in less wear and tear on those areas, resulting in a considerable savings with building maintenance. Any maintenance that is needed for the walkway cover is usually less than the building maintenance would have been, so it is a net positive financially speaking, not to mention the goodwill generated with the users.

When you add a MASA Architectural Canopy covered walkway to your building, campus, municipality, or other location, you are adding visual appeal as well as functional shelter that gets used by many. These low-maintenance structures will provide dividends beyond what you imagine. Contact us to learn more about having us build your walkway covers.

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