Aluminum Awnings

When it comes to options to provide shade for windows in a building, coverage over an entranceway, or even providing additional outdoor space shielded from the weather and sunlight, awnings have been a common answer to these issues. At MASA Architectural Canopies, we have chosen to work primarily with aluminum for our awnings and other structures because of the high durability, low weight, and aesthetic appeal that the material provides. The use of aluminum provides a huge opportunity to create the awning that you really want, no matter the size, color, or shape. Contact us today to get started with one of our different design series or to create something unique for you.

Effects of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum AwningsOf course, awnings provide the building and windows shade, which helps with energy efficiency of the building, but there are many other effects that can be experienced depending on the size and shape of the awning desired. For some businesses, a larger aluminum awning provides increased outdoor usable space for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. Awnings also provide protection from the weather, which can lower maintenance costs for more expensive items in a building.

Adding an aluminum awning can also provide new branding opportunities, either with the shape, color, or name or logo being used on the awning. Often a business will utilize multiple awnings with their name or logo on them as a repetitive message to help people remember their business name. And these awnings can also enhance the building’s appearance, helping it to stand out from others.

Know Your Local Codes with Aluminum Awnings

Every locality has different restrictions or requirements for things that are added to a building. Some may require approval depending on the size of awning being added. Others might have sight requirements where they can’t protrude from the building further than a certain distance. Whatever your local codes might be, we can work with you to get you the custom awning that you want, while ensuring that it adheres to your local building requirements.

The aluminum awnings we offer come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This includes standard horizontal or angled awnings used over doorways and windows, to complex and imaginative awnings that grab attention and make a statement of the business inside. At MASA Architectural Canopies we will work with you to develop the right aluminum awning for your needs.

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