Aluminum Walkway Covers

It might be a walkway the goes between a parking garage and a hospital, or it could be an outdoor rail station loading and unloading area. Whatever the situation is, chances are that you will find an aluminum walkway cover over the walkway, and MASA Architectural Canopies likely made it. We have been providing a range of aluminum walkway covers and canopies for decades to building owners, businesses, municipalities, and other organizations. When looking at the different options available for providing a covering for these kinds of walkways, our aluminum walkway covers typically win out for several different reasons. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of our aluminum canopies and walkway covers.

Why Aluminum Walkway Covers Are Worth The Investment

Aluminum Walkway CoversCompared to other materials, aluminum provides great attributes such as strength as well as malleability at a much lower cost than other materials. This makes aluminum an ideal material that can be formed into nearly any shape and size for a variety of different purposes. Aluminum is also weather resistant and does not rust, unlike steel that needs to be treated against rust. As steel rusts, it loses strength and integrity, but aluminum does not suffer from this issue.

Because of the rust-free aspect of our aluminum walkway covers, it means that they are very low maintenance. This makes them a great addition to a variety of spaces where you want to provide protection from the weather, but you don’t want to have to worry about the longevity of the structure. And because they are lightweight, it doesn’t require any major investments into support structures.

A Variety of Styles Available

Our Alumiframe product line is what we typically see used for these aluminum walkway covers. It features an aluminum box frame that can be made into nearly any shape and size desired. Over this the frame is skinned with aluminum sheets that can be made with a wide range of colors to match any needs. Shapes can include full gable style, half barrel shape, and even the possibility of creating your own custom design shape that can make it truly your brand.

Our aluminum walkway covers can be fit in a wide range of locations and have whatever style that you desire. With their durable yet lightweight construction, MASA Architectural Canopies will provide you with a structure that will be a long-term investment that requires minimal maintenance and will be aesthetically pleasing. Contact us today to see our existing design ideas or bring your own vision and we can make it happen.

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