Custom Built Canopies

When you look to add a canopy over your entrance door, over windows, or even free-standing to provide a place for picnic tables or other settings on your property, it can sometimes be a challenge to get standard sizes and designs to work. Instead, why not get what you really want with custom built canopies from MASA Architectural Canopies? We offer a range of models that will be customized to your building needs, or we can design something from the ground up. Make the call to our group today to get the discussion started about what you want for your custom-built canopy.

Uses For Your Custom-Built Canopy

Custom Built CanopiesFor most commercial spaces, when talk turns to canopies, most are thinking about the main entrance. And while it is commonplace to have a custom-built canopy, there are several other options that can be considered. We have done custom-built canopies for use over windows and storefronts, some of which include the business name and specific colors as well.

Businesses and municipalities have often used these custom-built canopies to provide outdoor covered seating areas. These are installed for employees, visitors, in parks and other facilities. They can also be used as a walkway covering, such as between a hospital and the nearby parking ramp. Restaurants have installed their own custom-built canopies to provide additional seating during nice weather. There are many different uses when it comes to having your own custom-built canopy.

Benefits of Aluminum For Canopies

There are a number of different options when it comes to the kind of canopy materials that are used, but the one that we use, aluminum, offers a great number of benefits. Our aluminum custom-built canopies don’t rust and will not weaken because of this. With the light weight of aluminum, it makes it easier to install, whether on a building or free-standing. Our aluminum canopies can also come in a variety of colors to match the building, the scenery, or to match the colors a business uses.

At MASA Architectural Canopies we have decades of experience to utilize with your custom-built canopies. Your custom-built canopy can provide a pop of color against an otherwise stale building facade, helping your building stand out more. These custom canopies also provide protection for your windows and doors from the intense sun, the beating rain, and the snow as well, if you have that in your area. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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