Custom Canopies

You have likely seen plenty of different canopies on commercial buildings all over your area. Sure, they are functional by providing some shelter from the elements, but they don’t have any style to them at all. The buildings all look the same, and the canopies all look the same as well. When you speak with the team at MASA Architectural Canopies, we can provide you with countless examples of custom canopies that we have done for a number of different customers. When you are ready to move beyond the normal and move up to the eye-catching for your building, contact us for your custom canopy information.

What Can a Custom Canopy Be

Perforated Metal CanopyMost canopies that you see on buildings are typically square or rectangular in shape. These canopies are merely functional in appearance and don’t really provide any kind of style for the building. What makes a building stand out is having some features that are unexpected, that don’t utilize the square corners. We provide a number of materials with which to create your custom canopy.

The truth is that your canopy can be nearly any shape or size that you want it to be. It might be fun to have your canopy look like it was part of a cylinder. Or you may want to have a large fan-shaped canopy that looks like water splashing. Perhaps you want an industrial look with exposed beams and Plexiglas covering. The only limit to your custom canopy is your imagination.

With your custom canopy, not only will you be providing protection for your doorways from the elements, but you will also be making a statement about your building. The use of color with your custom canopy is also important so that you don’t have a run-of-the-mill canopy on your building.

Variety in Metal Canopies

Perhaps in the past metal canopies were only done in a few configurations, but today we can make your metal custom canopy do all sorts of twists and turns. This means your custom canopy will have character, whether it’s over the main entrance of the building or positioned over the loading docks on your warehouse. When you are ready to make a change to your building with a custom canopy, make the call to MASA Architectural Canopies. Put our years of experience to work on your custom canopy project.

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