Custom Canopies

The exterior of buildings are used for many different things, and perhaps one of the best options for a building exterior is to have a custom canopy made for it. Why would a building owner want to get a canopy in general, and specifically a custom canopy? Simple: awareness or advertising. At MASA Architectural Canopies we have been helping to dress up buildings with custom canopies for many years. From incorporating the colors of the business to creating unique shapes to catch people’s eye, we can develop a custom canopy that will be beautiful as well as functional. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Use a Custom Canopy

Custom Canopie on Amanti Vino Building A custom canopy from MASA Architectural Canopies can be added for several reasons. One reason is to provide additional protection for the entryway that the canopy is going over. Canopies help to shield the area from rain and snow and even provides some shade as well from intense sunlight. These custom canopies can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes so they can cover a large multiple entrance area of a business or building.

Custom canopies can also be used on commercial buildings as a way to affix advertising or business signs. The canopy can provide a common base to attach these signs to, making it easy for the businesses in the commercial building to each have their own business sign. Our custom canopies can also be used as a way to break up a very bland facade and provide a building with some character. The canopy can be functional but could also be more decorative and eye-catching in design.

More Than Just a Custom Canopy

The custom canopy you have MASA Architectural Canopies make for your building is more than just a canopy. It is a statement about the building as well as the business inside the building. A warehouse building doesn’t need a canopy over the loading docks, but a warehouse that adds a custom canopy over the loading docks is demonstrating that they care about providing some protection for loading and unloading trucks. Your custom canopy can also easily incorporate your business name and colors to quickly identify the building to people.

Your building is just a building that can be viewed as a blank canvas just waiting for your custom canopy to dress it up. Contact MASA Architectural Canopies today to learn more about how we can build you a custom canopy for your building.

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