Custom Commercial Canopies

Business is a constant challenge, where staying in the minds of your current customers, as well as trying to attract new customers, can be challenging. And while some options are easily understood, other options like custom commercial canopies have just as much impact but aren’t thought about much, at least right away. At MASA Architectural Canopies we understand how many businesses just look at the canopy as a functional piece, and not something that can make a visual impact and branding impact. Our team will work with you to understand your needs for the building, as well as what you would like to do with your business. A custom commercial canopy will be a visually impactful piece that sticks with people. Contact us to learn more about getting your own custom commercial canopy.

Make It Stand Out

Store AwningsWhen you opt for a custom commercial canopy, it provides you with branding opportunities. Incorporating your business colors, logos, slogans, or other distinctive features will help people recognize your business every time that they pass by the building. But not just that; with a custom commercial canopy you can make it any size you like, and it doesn’t have to conform to what is generally accepted when it comes to a commercial canopy installation.

In fact, utilizing an odd-shaped custom commercial canopy can draw in extra attention every time that someone passes by. It becomes a unique feature in the neighborhood, and it might even be used as a way to give people directions. Combining the functional use of a canopy with the custom features you can incorporate into it makes a unique combination that is memorable and helps your business to grow and thrive.

Why Work With MASA Architectural Canopies

Custom commercial canopies offer businesses a winning combination of branding opportunities, visibility, versatility, weather protection, and more. And, we have been helping businesses all over the country for more than 20 years with our design team. From hospitals to hotels, to multi-use buildings and more, commercial buildings utilize custom commercial canopies to make an inviting entrance to the building, while also making a statement and drawing attention.

From classic architecture to modern buildings, and everything in between, the custom commercial canopies that our team at MASA Architectural Canopies develop and install provide a way for a business and building to stand out from the crowd. And with our major manufacturing facilities strategically located around the country we can make and deliver your canopy in no time. Contact us today to get started on creating your custom commercial canopy.

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