Custom Commercial Canopies

We see them all the time on different buildings, and they create an image in our mind that reminds us of the business that is inside that building. Custom commercial canopies are just as important as any other design feature of a building, and perhaps more so because it helps to create an instantly recognizable form for people. At MASA Architectural Canopies we help businesses and building owners create this unique image that people will associate with the business or building, and this helps to create interest and demand. To better understand what this effect is, contact our team today and talk with one of our design members to create a custom commercial canopy for your building or business.

Why Have Something Custom

Custom Commercial CanopiesWhen someone says they are going with a custom option, the assumption is that it will be a lot more expensive than a standard option. While this can certainly be true, in many cases, the custom commercial canopy that is produced is not much difference in cost from more standard options. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to really make something stand out as unique, whether that’s a combination of color and shape, or something else.

When using color and shape, it is possible to easily generate a facade on a building that becomes iconic in the minds of the population. For example, there is a national chain of home improvement stores that has a very basic commercial canopy over the front of their store, but it is bright orange, as is the signage that is hanging on the side of the building. With the color and shape of their custom commercial canopy, people immediately recognize what is inside the building.

Set Yourself Apart from The Rest

While it seems trivial, the truth is that if someone was looking at two identical buildings, except for the commercial canopy on the building, and deciding which one to go into, they would likely go to the building with a more attractive, interesting custom commercial canopy. While many would not consider a custom commercial canopy as a marketing feature, it is an important way to help set your building or business apart from others, including your competitors.

You might be looking for a specific color that matches the colors that your business uses, or you have a shape that you are looking for with your custom commercial canopy. Whatever you have in mind, our team at MASA Architectural Canopies will make it a reality. Contact our experienced team today to get started on your project.

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