Entry Canopy

The entry canopy is an architectural feature that has stood the test of time for both commercial and residential applications. This is because we will always have weather, and providing a small place that provides a bit of protection from the elements is both appreciated, as well as being functional. At MASA Architectural Canopies we have worked with thousands of different businesses and building owners to provide them with an entry canopy that is functional and beautiful. We have several impressive models that can be customized for your needs and building. Contact us today to start discussions about your new entry canopy.

Reasons to Add an Entry Canopy

Entry CanopyAs we already mentioned, one of the reasons to add an entry canopy to your building is to provide a bit of shelter from the elements for people either leaving or entering the building. For example, the first person to the building in the morning needs to either unlock the door with keys and/or disarm the alarm system. Being able to do so while being protected from the rain, hail, snow, or other weather is much nicer than getting wet or pelted with hail.

An entry canopy also provides protection to the doorway and door itself. This results in a reduction of maintenance required for your entrance door, doorway, and frame because it isn’t being subjected to the different weather elements. You save money on maintenance, and you can save money on energy costs as well as the entry canopy shields your door from the harsh sunlight and the blowing and drifting snow.

Simplicity And Aesthetics

In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology and electricity in order to get things done, the simplicity of an entry canopy is refreshing and welcome. Unless you wanted to add a light under the canopy, once you put it up it continues to work rain or shine, at all hours of the day or night, without any intervention. Having an entry canopy on your building also makes it stand out more as buildings are vertical in nature, but the entry canopy sticks out horizontally and draws attention. With our melding of aluminum as well as glass and acrylic panels you can have a dramatic entry canopy.

Our team at MASA Architectural Canopies has been helping to design and build entry canopies for many years, working with thousands of businesses and building owners. Our use of aluminum translates to a very strong yet lightweight structure that you will never have to worry about rusting away and losing integrity. Contact us today with your ideas about adding an entry canopy.

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