Metal Entrance Canopy

You see them nearly everywhere you go, and while they aren’t ubiquitous they are used on a lot of buildings. The entrance canopy is a feature of buildings that do a number of things, both for the building owner as well as those who use the entrance canopy. At MASA Architectural Canopies we have designed, made, and installed countless metal entrance canopies on buildings all over the country. Our metal entrance canopies are very sturdy and lightweight and can come in a number of shapes and sizes. We offer a number of designs that are ready to go, or we can custom design and build your metal entrance canopy. Contact us today to learn more.

What Purpose Do They Serve

Metal Entrance CanopyYou might be wondering what the point of an entrance canopy is. There are several reasons and benefits to having a metal entrance canopy on your building. First is a visual reason as the entrance canopy is one of the first things that people notice as they come up to your building. A visually appealing entrance canopy can provide a glimpse of what they will find once inside the building.

The next reason is that it provides shelter to people who are outside your main front door or entrance. If they need to wait for a door to be opened for them, this provides them shelter from the weather. It also provides them the opportunity to shake off their coat and/or umbrella from rain or snow before they bring it in with them to your building.

A final point of purpose for entrance canopies is that they help to protect the entrance from the weather as well, and specifically the door and door frame. By being shielded from the elements, a door and door frame will last longer and require a lower level of maintenance. This is a cost savings for the building or business owner.

Invest in Quality Metal Entrance Canopies

All of the metal entrance canopies that we design and produce at MASA Architectural Canopies are high-quality and have years of design and engineering experience in them. Because our metal canopies are made from aluminum you will never have to worry about them rusting and losing their strength or integrity. Because aluminum is light in weight, you don’t have to worry about where they are attached to a building as they will not put much strain on the building. And they will require very little maintenance over time while continuing to look good. Contact us today to learn more and start us working on your metal entrance canopy.

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