Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor awnings are more than just those that are connected or mounted to a building. Outdoor awnings can also be free-standing pieces which can be used in a variety of ways. No matter what you might be looking for, our metal outdoor awnings at MASA Architectural Canopies are made to last and will look great in any setting. We have been helping to create custom canopies and awnings for businesses all over the country for more than 20 years, and we can put our design experience to work for your building as well. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor awnings.

Outdoor Awnings For Buildings

Outdoor AwningsWhen you need an outdoor awning for your building, we have a number of great options to provide to building or business owners. These are perhaps the most common outdoor awning option that people are looking for. These are used over doorways as well as windows to provide protection from the weather, both for customers as well as for the doors and windows themselves.

But outdoor awnings can be used elsewhere as well. You may want to provide an awning over the sidewalks that you have in your parking lot to provide a bit of shelter to people as they go out to their vehicles. You may also want to have an outdoor awning between buildings on your campus for the same reason. Whatever you are looking to do, we can help make that happen.

Don’t discount the effect that your outdoor awnings will have as it relates to attention and curb appeal. Having a bold color for your awning can be the exciting contrast that you want. Other times it will be the design of the outdoor awning itself that is stunning and captures attention. We can show you different options that mold form and function seamlessly.

More Than Just A Metal Sheet

While you have probably seen some outdoor awnings on buildings, some of them might look like corrugated metal that you would use for a roof that has been repurposed over a door or window. And while this gets the job done, it really provides no character and is more of an afterthought. With our outdoor awnings, we take into account not only what it looks like, but how it functions. The outdoor awnings mounted perpendicular to the building need to have the right drainage engineered in without taking away from the aesthetics. We have been building outdoor awnings for more than 20 years all over the country and have developed a number of different outdoor awning options that will dress up your building and property while providing the protection you need. Contact us at MASA Architectural Canopies to learn more.

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