Outdoor Awnings – A Key In Sustainable Architecture

You might be wondering how a simple outdoor awning could be that important to sustainability, especially with a larger building and the amount of space that is being heated and cooled. But the impacts add up over the course of a year, and with quality outdoor awnings from MASA Architectural Canopies, you can benefit from many years of positive impacts. From helping to reduce the sun’s harmful rays coming through windows, to increasing your building’s energy efficiency, to being a marketing mechanism, our outdoor awnings have multiple benefits to them. Contact us today to learn more and to start the process of adding outdoor awnings to your building.

Sustainability with Outdoor Awnings

We have added awnings over windows on buildings because they shade the windows and stop the direct sunlight from coming through the glass. This helps to keep the heat gain down and in turn reduces the load on the HVAC system for cooling the interior of the building. Keeping these same sun rays from coming through the glass also cuts down on the UV light that comes in which can damage many items such as carpeting, furniture, and other items.

Outdoor awnings that are positioned over doorways also help in this way, plus they provide protection to the entrance way by keeping sun, rain, and other weather off the area, helping to prevent premature damage. We have also seen our outdoor awnings provide additional usable space, whether for showcasing items for sale, or even providing additional seating for customers.

Our Aluminum Outdoor Awnings Last

Rather than use fabric for our awnings which don’t last, or steel which is heavy, we use aluminum for our outdoor awnings. Aluminum is a strong material that can stand up to years of weather conditions while remaining in shape and looking good. Our aluminum outdoor awnings are also easy to mount to buildings because they are lighter in weight and don’t require as much structural bracing as heavier awnings would.

From helping buildings be better at managing their energy efficiency, to providing marketing opportunities, as well as being a material that is not only strong but also lightweight and is easily recyclable, our outdoor awnings from MASA Architectural Canopies are key components for sustainability efforts. Contact our team today to learn about the many benefits that can happen with any building adding outdoor awnings.

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