Store Canopies

Some people look at them but don’t really notice them, while others stop and admire them. Store canopies can be purely functional, artistic, or even somewhere in between. MASA Architectural Canopies has worked with all kinds of organizations on creating and installing store canopies that range in size and complexity all over the country. We have engineered several different lines of store canopies that are easily customizable for the size of the building, as well as the goals of the business in the building. And if these don’t satisfy your needs, we can also custom design your store canopy to match any unique request. Contact us today to start reviewing your store canopy needs.

Why Add a Store Canopy

Adding a store canopy to the building you are in does a number of things. First, it breaks up the facade of the building and draws the eye to that item. Your store canopy provides a subtle but important aspect to the building and that is to signify where the entrance to the building is. You want people coming in, so why not draw attention to the entrance? And if you are the only business in the building, you can add your business name to this store canopy to remind people of your business name.

Store canopies can be in keeping with the design of the rest of the building, or they might be more of a statement piece. Having a store canopy that stands out can grab people’s attention and evoke a number of different reactions, from awe and wonder, to joy. Even if your store canopy isn’t anything flashy it can still be attractive and thought-provoking, such as using our Eco-Shade line of building canopies.

Impact of Store Canopies

The design of canopies can also convey different emotions. There are some impressive building canopies that give you a sense of strong structure and something that can withstand the test of time. Other canopies are light and airy, and artistic. These can all affect how you view the business inside the building, and can definitely make the building unique amongst the other buildings around it. Setting a building apart with the right store canopy can make all the difference.

We offer a variety of different approaches to store canopies, from our Imagination line of canopies that provide new ways to think about canopies to our Alumiframe line of canopies that are classic in nature and design. MASA Architectural Canopies is your place to find the right store canopy design that will suit both your building’s needs as well as your interest in an appealing look. Contact us today to learn more about adding one of our store canopies to your building.

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