Metal Awnings, Metal Canopies, Outdoor Awnings and Store Awnings

MASA Architectural Canopies is a recommended source for metal awnings and canopies. They are among the leaders in extruded aluminum canopy, aluminum frame, store, hanger rod and custom canopy systems. Metal awnings provide shelter from the elements and help conserve energy use. They also extend a welcome to your visitors and can certainly make an architectural statement. Metal awnings and architectural canopies can add a certain appeal to your building and can even be a focal point. They can influence how people see and perceive your business.

Metal Awnings, Metal Canopies, Outdoor Awnings, Store Awnings Architectural Canopies from MASA are precision designed and installed will set your apart from the pack.  They take sun control to the next level by designing metal awnings that provide comfort and look good. They can create shading and sun control solutions for all types of buildings including corporate offices, retail building, shopping malls, hotels, schools, clinics and hospitals. They treat every project as unique build and take immense pride in their work.

Whether you need flat metal awnings and canopies, standing seam awnings, louvered awnings or free form custom canopies, MASA can help. There Vision series of custom metal awnings systems is often the preferred option. These metal awing systems offer free-from design and you options of metal, acrylic or glass.

Another popular metal awing in the MASA portfolio is Extrudeck. These metal awnings feature bold lines, are durable, lightweight and and tough as nails. That means Extrudeck metal awnings will last you a long time. Because they are lightweight they provide more installation options and possibilities.

If you want innovative shading and sun control solutions, then you need look no further than metal awnings and architectural canopies from MASA. At the same time your building gets a much needed face lift.